We've teamed up with Last US Bag out of Vancouver, WA to bring you the ultimate trash receptacle! Oscar's Mobile Hideout is the Cure for the Common Trasharoo and all of the fadiness, breakiness, and Chinesiness (we just like stuff made in our back yard, no offense) that entails. Say hello to the last vehicle mounted trash bag you'll every buy!

  • 22w x 24h x 8d
  • Poly-no-stretch webbing attachment with ITW buckles
  • Poly vinyl mesh outer pockets
  • Poly vinyl mesh interior lid pocket
  • Dual vertical front locking zippers for easy access to inside of bag
  • Top cinch retention gasket
  • Center strap closure
  • Bow saw slip pocket with cutting surface
  • Side compression straps
  • Reflective trim
  • D-Rings for exterior lashing
  • Grab handle on top

Oscar's Mobile Hideout from LUSB