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This is a premium edition 5.3 Gallon (20 L) Wavian front loading metal holder that is new to our current range. Wider back support will keep your 20-liter fuel can even more secure either when attached to a vehicle or when a secure environment for your fuel can is necessary. This is a heavier, more robust 20 Liter Jerry Can Holder than our standard.

The holder is designed to fit Wavian Fuel cans only. Please check the size if it is for another brand before ordering. Please note a Jerry Can is not supplied with this product.

• Long life expectancy due to solid metal construction
• Quick and easy removal and storage of the can
• Plastic pads support fuel can against abrasion and help vibration
• Adjustable and lockable clasp (padlock not included)
• Can be attached to both vertical and horizontal surfaces through a depth
screw places

Colour: Powder coated black
Weight: 9.5 lbs.
Height 20"
Width 7.25"
Depth 14.25"

Wavian - Front Load Jerry Can Holder

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